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In Memoriam - Richard J. Lisovsky

Richard J. Lisovsky died Monday, 12th of December 2016 in Odessa following a longtime heart disease. Richard was the IODE ADU focal point at the Ukrainian Scientific Centre of Ecology of the Sea (UkrSCES) and was a great supporter of OBIS by hosting the Black Sea OBIS node since 2016.

Richard has lived a wonderful life. He was born in the Val-d’Or city, Quebec, Canada. There he spent his childhood.

Odessa (Ukraine) was the city where he graduated from the school and the Technological Institute. Richard Lisovsky started his activity as a scientist in 1969 based on the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Department’s service expedition fleet, further in January 1977 the Department joint the Odessa Branch of the State Oceanographic Institute.

From 1972 to 1976 he was the head of a radiochemical squad aboard the scientific research vessels “Georgy Ushakov” and “Ernst Krenkel”.

After reorganization of the Institute into the Ukrainian Scientific Centre of Ecology of the Sea (UkrSCES) in 1992, Richard had become the pioneer in the GIS–technologies that were completely new for the institution. Richard was an UkrSCES Project Leader of the following international activities:

Starting from the middle of 70’s Richard participated in the IOC Marine Pollution Monitoring Programme, petroleum component (MARPOLMON-P). Since that time Richard supported good relations with the IODE Project Office. At his instigation the Ukrainian Scientific Centre of Ecology of the Sea had become the ADU of IODE in 2014 and also he supported the organization of the Black Sea OBIS node within the UkrSCES in 2016.

His last position in UkrSCES was the head of GIS Analysis Department. Richard Lisovsky known as a reliable performer of a great amount of scientific research works in marine science and especially communicating the work of the Ukrainian Scientific Centre for Ecology of the Seas for over 30 years.

We wish to express our sincerest condolences to his family and friends. Let him rest in peace.