October 24, 2018 - OBISOBIS vacancy consultancy

We are hiring! UNESCO contract for an OBIS IT consultant

The consultant will need to develop an online data entry and editing tool that will make it easier to publish (a small number of incidental) observations to OBIS, allowing individual researchers to report important observations from under-represented areas and time periods and underreported species.

The tool is specifically meant for scientists, based at NGOs and marine research institutions from least developed countries and small island developing states where the capacity to manage, archive and publish data through data centres or OBIS nodes is often lacking. The consultant needs to partner with OBIS nodes, in particular those in Kenya and Senegal to help in the design and test phase.

The tool should be compatible with the OBIS-ENV-DATA format of the Darwin Core data standard. One of the priorities of this online tool is obtaining high-quality data and metadata, hence the tool should link to the new OBIS metadata user interface, and use the quality control services provided by OBIS, such as taxonomy, outlier detection and missing values. The tool needs to provide a data quality report back to the data provider.

The deadline for applications is 15 November 2018 (Paris time). More information can be found here.