IOC Resolution XXVII/Dec.

Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS)

The Assembly,

Recalling its decision to accept the Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS) within the IODE Programme, through Resolution XXV-4,

Recognizing OBIS plays a key role to address the increasing need for more, and accurate, time-series data on marine biodiversity to monitor the state of the marine environment and to better understand the ecosystem processes and potential impacts of climate change, in order to more effectively manage our marine living resources,

Recalling that the 193 Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (Decision COP10/29,10&35) requested Member States to further enhance globally networked scientific efforts, such as OBIS, to continue to update a comprehensive and accessible global database of all forms of life in the sea, and further assess and map the distribution and abundance of species in the sea, and called upon IOC/OBIS to facilitate availability and inter-operability of the best available marine and coastal biodiversity data sets and information across global, regional and national scales,

Having considered the report of OBIS (IOC/INF-1312) and the contribution of OBIS to all three Expected Results 6, 7 and 8 in the IOC Draft Programme and Budget for 2014–2017 (IOC-XXVII/2 Annex 4),

Recalls Resolution XXV-4, requesting the Executive Secretary of IOC to request to the Director General of UNESCO to create a full time post for OBIS;

Expresses its appreciation to Belgium, USA, India, and Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela for their in-kind support to technical developments of OBIS;

Agrees that the regular budget for these activities will be considered as part of the overall IOC Programme and Budget resolution XXVII/DR.(6.1, 6.2);

Agrees further that without direct funding from UNESCO’s regular programme, Member States will need to take up responsibility to enable the IOC to fulfil the commitment it made to the continuation and further development of OBIS;

Urges Member States to provide cash contributions to the IOC Special Account for OBIS, to continue the two OBIS professional staff positions at the IODE Project Office, secondments to the IODE Project Office earmarked for OBIS, in-kind support such as hosting meetings or workshops with participant funding, or other means as agreed by the SG-OBIS.